Sunday, 21 August 2011

Summer Walks

What a beautiful day yesterday was, a little shower in the morning blooming into gorgeous sunshine in the afternoon.  Lynne and I were invited down to Bridgefoot Meadows by David and Tracey, to have a look at their new piglets, it was such a nice day for a walk around the village, so we put Izzy (our Jack Russel) on the lead and headed off.

When we got to the farm we were introduced to the sheep and goats, who trotted over to inspect us, I am sure it was interest and not just hoping for more food.

David then took us down to the pig runs, the first to meet us were the oldies (David was very good at informing us about breed names etc. and like a total numpty I forgot everything), so I am sticking with the oldies.  Next came the baby piglets, with their mum nicely settled in the wallow, Izzy took no notice of these cute little things, Lynne fell in love with them, she wanted to smuggle one out.  The third run had to be the teenagers, these piggies were boisterous and playful, they did not care about the electric fence, just head down and run..  Izzy loved these because she treated them like another dog, they chased each other, bounded into each other, good times.  The last runs were taken up with the studs and pregnant sows, considering boars are supposed to be fierce and dangerous, David had him on his side with the look of pleasure on his face, by just rubbing a stick down his flanks... perhaps David Stocker is a pig whisperer...

Thanks David and Tracey for a lovely afternoon down on the farm.